Good Beans and Grains – Answers to your questions

Good Beans and Grains is dedicated to finding delicious and innovative ways to incorporate more beans and grains into your daily diet. Because a healthy diet rich in beans and grains is great tasting, easy on the pocketbook, good for you… and good for the planet, too. makes it easier for you to adopt a healthier way of eating each and every day by answering questions you may have about beans and grains. Such as:

  • What beans and grains are available?
  • How do I cook them?
  • How do I include more beans and grains into my everyday diet?

Look around, here you’ll find valuable information about beans and grains. Plus, you’ll find all manner of bean and grain resources. And in our Bean Blog, you will see first hand how I cook beans and gains to spice up my family’s meals with everyday ideas, tips and recipes.

An inspiration for this website was a suggestion by food writer, Mark Bittman in his book Food Matters. Mark said that, “every household should cook a pot of beans and a pot of grains to have on hand for quick, healthy meals.” And we believe it!

So, we think Mark’s book is a good place to start on your healthy food journey: Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating with More Than 75 Recipes