Cookbook Challenge: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

For my next Cookbook Challenge, I will be choosing bean and grain recipes from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. I think that we have already established that I am a huge fan of Mark Bittman. Naturally, I own a lot of his cookbooks.

I have had this book for several years and it is an important reference in my cookbook arsenal. Because I am a vegetarian, this book is full of recipes that I can prepare and enjoy. There is an entire chapter devoted to beans and an entire chapter devoted to grains. Additionally, there are beans and grains scattered throughout the other chapters of the book; Salads, Soups, Veggie Burgers, etc.

It seems a bit presumptuous to call a book “How to Cook Everything”. But, in this case, the title is warranted. At almost 1000 pages, this book is quite exhaustive. Mr. Bittman’s style is easy and chatty. Virtually every recipe is accompanied by a number of variations. When you read the recipes you feel like everything is possible and nothing is set in stone. If you like a little more of this – add a little more. If you like less – add less. The book is a good match for the way I cook.

In addition to the cookbook, I have the Ipad App for How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.

How to Cook Everything Veg – Ipad App

It costs $9.99 to download the App. The App includes all the recipes that are in the book , abd it some great navigational tools. The App has some neat features that make it very valuable to have.

In normal mode, your Ipad will go dark and then turn itself off if it is untouched for a few minutes. The App makes the screen stay lit until you tell it you are finished. Otherwise the screen would go dark mid-recipe and you would have to fiddle with it when your hands are dripping wet or your up to your elbows in pizza dough.

IPad App Timers

Another neat feature of the App is that it has timers on it. If the recipe says “saute for 10 minutes” you can touch the screen and a ten minute timer will pop up.

There are lots of food photos. They send me an email every week with a Meatless Monday featured recipe. It’s a fun complement to the book.


So let me remind you the rules of the Cookbook Challenge:

In the Cookbook Challenge, I will follow the recipe exactly as written, with the following exceptions:

  1. If the recipe calls for canned beans, I reserve the right to cook my own.
  2. Unless it would significantly change the outcome, I will probably cut some recipes in half, as Husband and I rarely want to eat 8 servings of anything.
  3. If there is an ingredient that I can’t reasonably find, I will make appropriate substitutions.

Because I don’t eat meat, I will only choose recipes that don’t require meat meat or eggs. I’m off the eggs right now.

I’ll make frequent posts about the foods that I am preparing. When it’s all over, I hope I will have some fresh ideas in my bean and grain repertoire!


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2 thoughts on “Cookbook Challenge: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

  1. Just a quick correction, the iPad app is actually $9.99 and it is a Universal App that runs, and is customized to work on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch as well. The app that is $4.99 is an iPhone only version. Don’t want people to get disappointed in grabbing the wrong version of the app.

    Just thought you should know.

    Also, the app actually contains everything that the book contains—I don’t believe there is any content that is missed (except the index pages which are handled rather well with digital search in-app of course). Thanks for the very nice mention of course!

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