Hey – Look What the Nice People at Joy of Cooking Sent Me!

After I posted about using the Joy of Cooking in my Cookbook Challenge, the nice people at Joy of Cooking contacted me and offered to send me a beautiful new copy of their book.


As you will recall, I have a version that Husband gave me back in the late 1990’s.

Husband gave me this version as a gift

I also have a version that belonged to my good friend Marie.

Marie’s copy of Joy of Cooking

The first thing that I want to say about this new version of Joy of Cooking is that the folks who run that place are just so generous and gracious! John Becker contacted me through my blog and offered to send me a brand new 75th Anniversary Edition. And then we had a really nice e-mail exchange about the changes and enhancements. He was just the nicest guy!

A few days later my shiny new cookbook arrived in the mail.  The first thing that I noticed was that the index has been revamped. I am a stickler about indexes. I want to be able to easily find what I am looking for. I thought the index in the previous Joy of Cooking  was good. But the new one is even better. It is much easier to read and navigate.

I looked back at some of the recipes that I had made from the previous Joy of Cooking. There have been some changes there as well. They have updated some ingredients and made the directions easier to read and follow. I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking!

If you are a fan of Joy of Cooking, you really need to visit their website. It’s a beautiful site with so much good information. The website is being developed by the above mentioned John Becker along with his fiance, Megan Scott (more about Megan in a moment!). It is so clear from visiting Joy Kitchen that these are people who are really passionate about food. The website is a fantastic resource for recipes and inspiration.

As an aside, let me mention Megan Scott one more time. She writes a blog on the Culinate website. Recently she wrote a wonderful piece titled “Full of Beans” about the pleasures of cooking a humble pot of beans. It really resonated with me. She is a talented writer as well as a food enthusiast.

Well, thank you John Becker and the Joy of Cooking kitchen for supplying me with the 75th Anniversary edition of the Joy of Cooking. It is destined to become a kitchen classic at my house!

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One thought on “Hey – Look What the Nice People at Joy of Cooking Sent Me!

  1. We’re so glad you like the book! We agree–the revised index is much easier to use, the Cooking Methods and Techniques and Know Your Ingredients chapters are better organized, and there are some recipe tweaks to make things clearer and easier to follow. We hope you enjoy using it (and giving your well-loved copies some much-needed rest), and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you find any mistakes be they errors of commission or omission.

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