San Xavier Co-Op – Pima Lima Beans

Last January when we were in Tucson Arizona I picked up this good looking bag of Pima Lima beans.

I bought these when we visited the San Xavier Co-op farm store. They had so many interesting things, products that they can grow in that hot dry climate. Really interesting!

I finally got around to cooking these gorgeous beans.

I hesitated because I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. In the end I just opted for the simplest possible cooking method…water and a little salt. I cooked them in my small slow cooker. I didn’t even bother to soak them and  they cooked in about 4 hours.

They are rather large bean. They held their shape and they had a really soft, creamy interior. I thought they were delicious. And I particularly liked the thick, dark broth they produced.

The San Xavier Co-op is currently out of stock on this item. But I will check back with them next time we are in Arizona. Take a look at their website, they do have a very interesting story!

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