About Good Beans & Grains

As a 30+ year adherent to a vegetarian diet I’ve been on a mission to find tasty, healthy alternatives to traditional meat-based meals. So, I put great effort into discovering new and different ways to create meals that are attractive, healthy, vegetarian AND YUMMY. My collection of cookbooks provides inspiration from all over the world that spark many of my ideas.

Personally, I also try to eat healthy, which might go without saying since I’ve been a vegetarian for three decades, but I also try to limit fats, sugars, and unnecessary calories as I’m putting my daily meals together. So, you’ll definitely see that sensitivity reflected in the ideas I post here.

The only criteria I apply to the content I post here is that it’s vegetarian, healthy (mostly) and delicious. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and trying some of these recipes in your own hunt for something different for dinner.

Thanks for spending time here and be sure to comment on what you read here. I’ll do my best to respond to questions and comments as my schedule permits.


PS. Besides recipes and ideas you’ll find lots of specific info about various Beans and Grains. Because I’m always using these foods in my meals I thought it would be helpful if I learned more about them both and shared that info with you.