Websites to Visit

Here are some websites you might want to visit to learn more about beans and grains and how they can be an important part of your daily diet.

US Dry Bean Council – Recipes, nutrition information, current research regarding dry beans.

American Dry Bean Board – Celebrating the bean with recipes and information about health benefits. Includes information about beans in Ayurvedic medicine.

The Whole Grains Council – Recipes, nutrition information, current research regarding whole grains.

Mark Bittman’s Blog – There are two good reasons to go to this website. First you will learn a great deal about food and politics in the world today. Further, you will find lots of terrific recipes. Lots to see here.

Deborah Madison’s Blog – This site will get you excited about going into the kitchen and cooking seasonally. Deborah Madison is one of my favorite cookbook authors. She clearly loves food. The site has some recipes. Some philosophical musings. And some gorgeous photos. Check it out.


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