Bulgur Wheat

Origin: Middle East, man’s oldest recorded use of wheat.

What Is It:  Whole Durum wheat kernels that have been soaked and cooked, dried. Part of the bran is removed. The remaining kernel is then cracked into small pieces. As a result, bulgur is quick-cooking.

Also Known As: Cracked wheat, Lapsi (in India)

Staple Now: Middle East, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Bulgaria

Major Producers: Turkey in the largest producer of Bulgur. In the US, California, Montana, Oklahoma and Kansas

Flavor Profile: Toasty, nutty flavor

Texture:  Light, not too chewy texture

Nutritional Highlights: Good source of dietary fiber, manganese, tryptophan and magnesium.

Common Dishes: Tabouli, falafel, kibbe, pilafs

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