Origin: Most likely, North Africa around the 13th century

What Is It: Not technically a grain, couscous is a small pasta made from semolina wheat. Can be purchased either as refined wheat or as whole wheat.

Also Known As: The name comes from the Berber word seksu (meaning well formed, rounded). Known as kesksu or seksu in Morocco and Algeria. Couscous is the United Kingdom pronunciation and spelling.

Staple Now: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Western Libya

Major Producers: China, Tunisia, Morocco

Flavor Profile: Mild

Texture: Light and fluffy

Nutritional Highlights: Riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and folate. Whole wheat version is good source of fiber.

Common Dishes: Used as a base for vegetable and meat dishes. Also served as a dessert with honey, dates, nuts  and cinnamon.


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